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Since its inception in 1986, Panos Caribbean has been working to help empower the most marginalized and vulnerable persons in the region through projects and other activities on issues related to children and youth, public health, media community & environment as well as gender.

Panos Caribbean works to amplify the voices of the poor and the marginalized through the media and ensure their inclusion in public and policy debate, in order to enable Caribbean communities and countries to articulate and communicate their own development agenda.

Panos Caribbean is a regional organization which helps journalists to cover sustainable development issues that are overlooked and misunderstood. We also help people who are affected by certain issues to express themselves through the media, and as such participate in arriving at solutions.

Panos focuses on themes which transcend national boundaries, such as child rights, HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, gender and community solutions to development challenges.

Panos works to ensure that development information is effectively used to foster informed public debate, to promote participation by all groups in society and achieve accountability of leaders and policy makers.

Children, people living with HIV/AIDS, farmers, fisher folk and other people directly impacted by development policies, are enabled to produce their own information.

We particularly focus on amplifying the voices of the poor and marginalized.

Panos Caribbean also includes the Caribbean diaspora from around the world in communicating their perspectives. Panos works in four Caribbean languages: English, French, Kreyol and Spanish.

It coordinates training seminars, stakeholder conferences, journalistic fellowships and the production of print, radio and TV materials.

Panos undertakes these activities in partnerships with local and regional associations, journalists, NGOs and other information stakeholders.

The Panos Institute Caribbean is based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Since 2005, it also operates an office in Kingston, Jamaica.

The global network of Panos Institutes also includes: Panos Eastern Africa (Kampala – Uganda and Addis Ababa – Ethiopia), Panos South Asia (Kathmandu – Nepal, Dhaka – Bangladesh, New Delhi – India, Colombo – Sri Lanka and Karachi – Pakistan), Panos Southern Africa (Lusaka – Zambia), Panos West Africa (Dakar – Senegal and Bamako – Mali) and Panos Great Lakes.

Each Institute is independently chartered and governed with its own programme to fulfill related missions; however, much work is undertaken jointly.

Panos is supported by a diversity of donors such as Plan Haiti, Catholic Relief Services, the international development agencies of the UK, USA, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, the National Institutes of Health (USA), the European Union, the Open Society Institute and several UN agencies.