Peru climate talks

Indi Mclymont Lafayette (right), regional coordinator for Panos Caribbean, in discussion with Clifford Mahlung, coordinator for capacity building with the Alliance of Small Island States, at the Peru climate talks on Wednesday. (Photo: Petre Williams-Raynor)

Panos Caribbean\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru

Panos Caribbean\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru. Panos is one of the civil society organisations attending the United Nations Climate talks in Peru. The talks end on December 12.

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1. Strengthen the voices of the vulnerable, marginalized and excluded people: Enable Caribbean People to conceive drive and communicate their development agenda.
2. Develop media, information and communication partnerships: Communicating towards development.
3. Policy reform.
4. Become an innovative and effective regional institution making the most of its strengths and resources.

Panos calls for writers

Petre Williams-Raynor

Petre Williams-Raynor

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Panos Caribbean, as part of its Adaptation Fund NGO Network Project, is seeking a set of writers to do work looking at climate change adaptation in Jamaica.

“We would like to see applicants with an interest in climate change and who are able, through their writing, to connect the dots for people, particularly as it concerns climate change adaptation, which is so crucial for Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole,” said Senior Programme Officer Petre Williams-Raynor.

Writers are to submit a letter of interest and a sample of their work in order to be considered. Applications are to be sent to Ms. Adene Chung at

Panos’ Adaptation Fund NGO Network project is funded through the German non-governmental organisation Germanwatch. Panos, through the project, is required, among other things, to follow the progress of Jamaica’s Adaptation Fund project, dubbed “Enhancing the Resilience of the Agriculture Sector and Coastal Areas to Protect Livelihoods and Improve Food Security”.

The Jamaica project, managed by the designated National Implementing Entity,the Planing Institute of Jamaica, has three components. They are:
1) Increasing the climate resilience of the Negril coastline.
2) Enhancing the climate resilience of the agriculture sector by improving water and land management in select communities.
3) Improving institutional and local-level capacity for sustainable management of natural resources and in disaster risk reduction in the targeted vulnerable areas, and raising awareness for behaviour modification.

Meanwhile, Panos Caribbean is a regional communication organisation established in 1986. Panos believes that information which is independent, accurate and timely is a key resource for development. Information needs to be locally generated in order to enable countries and communities to shape and communicate their own development agendas through informed public debate.

The mission of Panos is to promote sustainable development in the Wider Caribbean Region through empowering all sectors of society to articulate their own information and perspectives on development issues and broadcast them across language and political borders.

In particular, Panos aims to amplify, through the media, the voices of poor and marginalised people who are affected by key development issues, including climate change, HIV/AIDS, etc. This encourages their full participation in shaping the development of their societies.

Final decision on Cockpit Country boundary imminent

THE Government of Jamaica is inching closer to a decision on a boundary for the island’s  hotly debated, biodiversity-rich Cockpit Country. 

Information reaching the Gleaner newspaper is that government stakeholders, who were up to a few weeks ago divided on the issue, had managed — by way of a series of meetings — to reach a common position.

Chief Technical Director in the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment, and Climate Change Colonel Oral Khan is quoted in that newspaper as saying that Cabinet is even now in receipt of a recommendation that reflects that position.

“They (Cabinet) will consider it (the recommendation). If they are happy, they will sign off,” he said. ”The decision now rests with them, and they will satisfy themselves that the decision is in the best interest of the country.”


Jamaica climate advisory body undergoes reformation

THE climate change advisory body, convened by the Government of Jamaica in 2012, is shortly to be reformed according to a local news report.

The body is said to be undergoing restructuring, following close to a year out of commission.


Caribbean formatting climate change strategy for Paris meeting

GROS ISLET, St Lucia — Government climate negotiators and civil society groups from the Caribbean who met with artistes and journalists here last week have discussed strategies to drum up local awareness and attract international attention as part of the region’s preparation for the climate change meeting in Paris at the end of the year.

The plan is to roll out some of the projects simultaneously across the region ahead of the Paris talks and stage one or two others during the session.


Region under serious threat from rising sea level

GROS ISLET, St Lucia — The Caribbean Sea is expected to come closer and closer inland over the next several years, posing a threat to millions of people across the region.

Experts say the rise in sea level around the world will be as much as two metres more than it is now, but it will be higher in the Caribbean than most other places.


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