Children, Youth and Violence

Children and young people in the Caribbean face numerous challenges. At Panos Caribbean, we believe that youth can provide solutions to those problems. At the core of our programmes and project activities targeting children and young people is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which outlines the basic human rights to which children everywhere are entitled. One of those rights is for children to be able to express their own opinions on matters affecting them and that these are taken into account.

The Convention also speaks to the child’s right to receive and share information of all kinds either orally, written in the form of art, or through any other media of their choice.

Over the next few years we will continue to promote the full participation of Caribbean children and youth in the development process by including their own voices and perspectives through various media into public debate via:

  1. Capacity building – training of children to report on HIV and related issues: via our Youth Journalism Programme “Our Own Voices – Youth Communicating Through the Media”.
  2. Documenting the Voices of children and young people: This involves the production, publishing and broadcasting of material for circulation in media and via the Internet.
  3. Providing a platform for children and adolescents to communicate their perspectives on issues that affect them; including stigma and discrimination, sexual and reproductive health rights, various forms of abuse and neglect.
  4. Working with media to improve media’s understanding of issues related to children and young people and encourage responsible reporting on those issues.
  5. Conducting media analysis & monitoring to measure the effectiveness of our activities, to determine the extent to which issues concerning children are being reported by the media and how media treats those issues.

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CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE have rights! The rights to speak about issues that concern them and affect them and they have the right to be listened to and have those issues addressed.

Panos Caribbean, with the aid of our development partners including Caribbean media, is ensuring that the voices of children and young people of the Caribbean are HEARD!

These videos were produced by journalist Kalilah Enriquez of CVM Television under a Media Fellowship awarded by Panos Caribbean ( and funded by the Panos Global AIDS Programme. (

PART ONE takes an overall look at the issue of street boys in Kingston, Jamaica and their risk and vulnerability to contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The voices of authority figures are also in this video and includes their perspectives on what government and civil society are doing to address the problem.

In PART TWO we meet Romario, Andre and Kemar, street boys from Kingston, Jamaica who wipe car windows to earn a living.

The three boys speak candidly about their knowledge of sex, their early involvement in sexual activities and their knowledge of HIV and AIDS and how their parents and other adults sexual choices influence their own sexuality and sexual choices and values.

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