Our Partners

Partnerships and collaborations are essential elements of Panos Caribbean’s operations. We develop partnerships with existing organisations, networks and agencies to enhance the implementation of our objectives, as follows:

  • Local and national civil society organisations (CSOs) and community based organisations (CBOs): Joint project implementation; Assistance in gaining credibility and trust with beneficiaries; Panos providing support to their institution building.
  • Regional CSOs: Joint project implementation; Panos providing support to their region-wide coverage and communication.
  • International CSOs: Collaboration implementation of activities in the Caribbean; Infusion of knowledge of and interest in Caribbean activities.
  • Other Panos-es: Joint project implementation; Panos Caribbean contributing to and initiating global outputs; Panos supporting their development in its areas of expertise.
  • Community, local, national and regional media: Joint activities (in particular regarding youth journalism); Panos providing training, and supporting the production and dissemination of relevant media productions; Panos supporting their knowledge on development themes.
  • International media and international news agencies: Dissemination of Caribbean media productions; Panos supporting their information base on Caribbean development themes.
  • Networks of journalists: Panos providing training; Joint production of stories; Dissemination mechanisms; Panos providing institutional and programmatic support.
  • Governments and authorities: Panos supporting their communication activities on themes of interest to Panos; Collaboration in project implementation.
  • Local, national, regional and international donor agencies: Panos supporting their understanding of the role of media in development: Panos providing a project implementation mechanism; Panos supporting their information base and their local/ regional/international coverage and outputs.
  • Other corporate sector (non-media): Panos supporting their understanding of the role of media in development.

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