Health Communication

HIV/AIDS is a complex epidemic driven by a combination of behavioural, cultural, societal and economic factors.  The participation of all sectors in all parts of the Caribbean in the decision making process is an essential step in lessening the impact of HIV/AIDS and reversing the current trends. Panos Caribbean has worked on the issue of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean region since the organization began operations in 1986.

We recognize that public health is crucial to the well-being of the region and its people as it is linked to quality of life and the region’s economy. Through our Health Communications programme and project activities, we work to support participatory, inclusive and transparent decision-making on health at the national and regional levels.

In order to tackle the epidemic and guide the organization’s response, Panos Caribbean has developed a regional Health Communications programme within the scope of the Panos Global AIDS Programme (GAP). Our Health Communications Programme includes all areas of public health with special focus on HIV&AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The Panos Global AIDS Programme (GAP), is a thematic programme across the network of eight autonomous Panos Institutes.

Over the next few years Panos Caribbean will continue to work to improve awareness, increase debate and spark action on public health issues by;

  1. Building the communication capacity of people living with HIV, youth and other groups affected by HIV & AIDS and Tuberculosis;
  2. Strengthening the capacity in the Caribbean media to encourage public dialogue and debate around health issues;
  3. Making policy makers and decision makers accountable to the priorities of the most affected;
  4. Providing stakeholders from grassroots to the global level with factual, relevant information on Public Health issues which reflect the perspectives of youth and other people directly affected by HIV & AIDS in the region.

For more information on our programme and project activities, please email us at

Sex…rape and consensual, occur in Jamaican Prisons. It’s the worst kept secret. Ex-prisoners talk about this frightening ordeal: Sex among male prisoners and yet prison officials refuse to allow condoms to be distributed in the island’s prisons. Condoms are considered contraband and if prisoners are found with any, they are confiscated.

This video explores this very taboo an emotional issue. Ex-prisoners and former employees of the prisons talk openly about what occur behind the prisons walls often under cover of darkness. The non-distribution of condoms and the link to HIV Transmission, the rights of prisoners are also explored.

This video was produced by Advanced Media Production under a fellowship administered by Panos Caribbean and funded by Panos’ Global AIDS Programme.

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