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Fertile mind, foreign country…

Any sojourn to a foreign country can be rocked by challenges, not the least of which can be your own mind.

 You read correctly — your mind. My own got the better of me just two evenings ago, a mere 24 hours after I arrived in Poland for the United Nations Climate Change Talks, being held in the capital Warsaw.

Warsaw Talks: The trek to common ground

There is much riding on this 19th annual climate change talks being held here in Warsaw, Poland.

 It’s something one hears a lot as one walks the corridors of the National Stadium where the negotiations are taking place.

King coal, climate change & Jamaica

With coal still reportedly on the cards for Jamaica, now struggling under the weight of a burdensome oil bill, the island could well take instructions from Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as to next steps.

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