Peru climate talks

Indi Mclymont Lafayette (right), regional coordinator for Panos Caribbean, in discussion with Clifford Mahlung, coordinator for capacity building with the Alliance of Small Island States, at the Peru climate talks on Wednesday. (Photo: Petre Williams-Raynor)

Panos Caribbean\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru

Panos Caribbean\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru. Panos is one of the civil society organisations attending the United Nations Climate talks in Peru. The talks end on December 12.

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Monitoring and evaluating knowledge-based initiatives in a Caribbean context

 By Valerie Gordon and Yacine Khelladi

 24 JANUARY 2014. SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — The Caribbean has benefitted from significant development assistance in the more than four decades since most of the countries became independent of colonial powers. The form and dollar value of this assistance has varied considerably, and has supported interventions ranging from infrastructure development to human and institutional capacity building, and civil society support to environmental management.

Jamaica Office

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Main Office

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Petion-Ville, Haiti

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HIV Treatment, Prevention & Care in Jamaican Prisons

“No Sex or Condoms Here”

Sex…rape and consensual, occur in Jamaican Prisons. It’s the worst kept secret. Ex-prisoners talk about this frightening ordeal: Sex among male prisoners and yet prison officials refuse to allow condoms to be distributed in the island’s prisons. Condoms are considered contraband and if prisoners are found with any, they are confiscated.

This video explores this very taboo and emotional issue. Ex-prisoners and former employees of the prisons talk openly about what occur behind the prisons walls often under cover of darkness. The non-distribution of condoms and the link to HIV transmission as well as the human rights of prisoners are also explored.

This video was produced by Advanced Media Production under a fellowship administered by Panos Caribbean and funded by Panos’ Global AIDS Programme.

Panos Caribbean:”Real People, Real Voices!”

Panos Caribbean commemorates 25 years of working in the Caribbean in June 2011. As part of its activities to mark this significant achievement, the organization has released a short video: “Real People, Real Voices!” which explores some of Panos Caribbean’s recent activities and achievement.

Since its inception in 1986, Panos Caribbean has been working to help empower the most marginalized and vulnerable persons in the region through projects and other activities on issues related to children and youth, public health, media community & environment as well as gender.

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