Peru climate talks

Indi Mclymont Lafayette (right), regional coordinator for Panos Caribbean, in discussion with Clifford Mahlung, coordinator for capacity building with the Alliance of Small Island States, at the Peru climate talks on Wednesday. (Photo: Petre Williams-Raynor)

Panos Caribbean\\\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru

Panos Caribbean\\\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru. Panos is one of the civil society organisations attending the United Nations Climate talks in Peru. The talks end on December 12.

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Pictorial Highlights – Caribbean Coastal Area Mgmnt Foundation’s Int’l Fisherman’s Day Symposium, Expo and Regatta

Voices for Climate Change Artiste; Adrian Campbell in intense concentration as he prepares a meal of steamed fish which won a cook off competition in a community event in Portland Cottage, Clarendon recently

On July 2, 2011, Panos Caribbean teamed up with the the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAMF) to host a Fisherman’s Day Symposium, Expo and Regatta at the Old Harbour Bay Beach in St. Catherine. The event was also held in partnership with the Portland Bight Fisheries Management Council, the Jamaica Fishermen’s Co-op (JFCU) and the Old Harbour Bay Community Development Association (OHBCDA).

Artistes from Panos Caribbean’s VOICES for Climate Change Education Project participated in the day’s activities which included a celebrity cook off and community concert to wrap up the day’s events.

Ingrid Parchment, Executive Director, C-CAM feels that the day which included several activities, was a major success.

“The aim of honoring dedicated and hardworking fisher folk was certainly met. We made sure to highlight fisherman from the Portland Cottage Community, Reuben Weir, who was born in 1931 and who still go out to fish,” she stated.

Mayor of Spanish Town, Andrew Wheatley, Councillor for Old Harbour South; Lloyd Grant and Donna Parchment-Brown of the Dispute Resolution Foundation. also participated in the celebrity cook off which was won by VOICES artiste, Adrian Campbell for his tasty preparation of the Lion Fish, Second place went to Donna Parchment-Brown and Pam Hall, also of the Voices for Climate Change Education project came in third.

A number of organizations also mounted booths and offered services to persons who attended the event.

“We were also able to incorporate other services to patrons like the use of the Registrar General Department, National AIDS Committee, National Environmental Protection Agency, Jamaica Fisherman’s Co-op Credit Union and the Churches Co-op Credit Union and other organisations which were also well received,” Parchment continued.

Pictorial highlights from the days activities are below.

Mangrove Planting and Concert – Biodiversity & climate Change Awareness Community Event – Portland Cottage (June 16, 2011)

Pictorial Highlights – Panos Caribbean 25th Anniversary Launch at Green Expo 2011– Environment

Panos Caribbean kicked off its 25th anniversary celebrations in last month by showcasing the organisation’s work in environment at the annual Green Expo which was held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica from June 10-12, 2011.

Below are come pictorial highlights from the event.

Pictorial Highlights – Panos Caribbean’s Community Concert & Mangrove Replanting (June 16, 2011) Portland Cottage, Clarendon – Environment

Mangroves are a crucial part of the Caribbean’s eco-system. They act as nurseries that sustain the marine livestock on which the region’s fishermen depend for their livelihood.

However, the Caribbean’s mangrove and coral reefs are in danger of extinction due to dramatic shifts in the ecological balance under the sea.  Next to corals, mangroves appear to be the hardest hit.  Data from the website of Mangrove Action Project indicates that mangrove cover in the region has declined by 42% over the past 25 years, with two of the eight mangrove species now considered Vulnerable to extinction and two more in Near Threatened status.

On June 16, 2011, Panos Caribbean re-planted 400 mangrove plants in the Portland Cottage community in Clarendon, Jamaica with the help of members of the Portland Cottage Community and a number of Jamaican entertainment artistes who are part of Panos Caribbean’s VOICES for Climate Change Education project which is carried out in Collaboration with the National Environmental Education Committee (NEEC). The project utilizes popular entertainers to spread the climate change and biodiversity conservation message.

The activity forms part of a 15-month project funded by the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme and the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, is being implemented by the Mocho Community Development Association (MCDA), Panos Caribbean and the National Environmental Education Committee (NEEC) have received a US$29,000 grant from the  an gotten and the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica. The  project is an extension of a Panos Caribbean 2008 Voices For Climate Change Education Project but with more of a focus at the community level.

The plants, (black and red mangroves), were donated by the Port Royal Marine Laboratory. The Caribbean Coastal Area Management Office in Clarendon also participated in the day’s activities.

Below are pictorial highlights from the days activities which included a concert.

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