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SEX WORKERS IN JAMAICA – ‘The Dangers, The Thrills’ – MALE & FEMALE Sex Workers Speak About the Dangers & Challenges of the Trade

Sex work in Jamaica is taboo. Selling sex – prostitution, is illegal. There have been ongoing lobby from a human rights perspective for the repeal of the 18th century laws that make prostitution (selling of sex) and buggery illegal. However several men and women practice the illicit trade sometimes covertly, sometimes out in plain sight. Sex workers are rarely arrested for selling sex, however, based on their own admissions, it is a dangerous business.

Street Boys of Jamaica – Part I – Risk Factors of Street Boys in Kingson, Jamaica for HIV/AIDS

CHILDREN YOUNG PEOPLE have rights! The rights to speak about issues that concern them and affect them and they have the right to be listened to and have those issues addressed.

This video takes an overall look at the issue of street boys in Kingston, Jamaica and their risk and vulnerability to contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The voices of authority figures are also in this video and includes their perspectives on what government and civil society are doing to address the problem.

Panos Caribbean, with the aid of our development partners including Caribbean media, is ensuring that the voices of children and young people of the Caribbean are HEARD!

The rights of children are outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Child and we work with regional media to ensure that those rights are realized.

This video was produced by journalist Kalilah Enriquez of CVM Television under a Media Fellowship awarded by Panos Caribbean and funded by the Panos Global AIDS Programme.

Street Boys of Jamaica Part II – Influences on Adolescent Sexuality, Risk Factor for HIV & AIDS

Meet Romario, Andre and Kemar, street boys from Kingston, Jamaica who wipe car windows to earn a living.

The three boys speak candidly about their knowledge of sex, their early involvement in sexual activities and their knowledge of HIV and AIDS and how their parents and other adults’ sexual choices influence their own sexuality and sexual choices and values.

This video was produced by journalist, Kalilah Enriquez of CVM Television under a Media Fellowship awarded by Panos Caribbean ( and funded by the Panos Global AIDS Programme. (

HIV Treatment, Prevention & Care in Jamaican Prisons – “No Sex or Condoms Here”

Sex…rape and consensual, occur in Jamaican prisons. It’s the worst kept secret. In this video, ex-prisoners talk about this frightening ordeal: Sex among male prisoners and yet prison officials refuse to allow condoms to be distributed in the island’s prisons. Condoms are considered contraband and if prisoners are found with any, they are confiscated.

This video explores this very taboo and emotional issue. Ex-prisoners and former employees of the prisons talk openly about what occurs behind the prisons walls often under cover of darkness. The non-distribution of condoms and the link to HIV transmission as well as the rights of prisoners are also explored.

This video was produced by Advanced Media Production under a fellowship administered by Panos Caribbean and funded by Panos’ Global AIDS Programme.

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