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Windsor Research Centre launches new radio series on Cockpit Country

CkpitKINGSTON, Jamaica. 24 September 2014 — The Windsor Research Centre (WRC) in Trelawny is partnering with the Jamaica Environment Trust to deliver a 10-part weekly feature with Cliff Hughes on Power 106 at 12:35, beginning this Wednesday.

 The collaboration forms a part of the “Cockpit Country is Our Home” multimedia public awareness campaign, which is being funded primarily by the WRC.

Jamaica’s Cockpit Country… A paradise worth saving


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Cockpit-Country-reserve-PWR26 June 2014. KINGSTON, Jamaica: Jamaica’s Cockpit Country, a rugged stretch of mountains located deep in the western section of the island is a true nature lovers’ paradise. But it is in danger of losing its intrinsic value as a nature reserve and sanctuary for the survival of several important species of plants and animals.

Priority attention, according to local stakeholders, must be given to conservation and proper use and valuation of its resources.

These are “urgent matters to be addressed if the Cockpit Country is to be saved”, said environmentalist Hugh Dixon, who founded the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency (STEA) 18 years ago.

A New Twist to the Goat Islands Debate

19 June 2014. Lionel Town, Clarendon, Jamaica — The Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM) announced today that the Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) has started work on a cost-effectiveness comparison of the proposed construction of a transshipment port and logistics hub at the Goat Islands in the Portland Bight Protected Area.

Worry over future of Adaptation Fund project

Pan2OPPOSITION TO the installation of breakwaters to arrest beach erosion in Negril has cast a cloud over Jamaica’s climate-change adaptation project, which is being financed through the Adaptation Fund.

The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), serving as the national implementing entity (NIE) for the three-year project, is now moving to settle the emerging concerns from tourism and other interests – ahead of a visit from the Fund’s assessment team next month.

“We are trying to see if we can talk to Mr Lee Issa [of Couples Resorts]. If he can get a group together, we will talk to that group and then go to the wider community,” said Claire Bernard, PIOJ’s deputy director general.

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Breakwaters not a cure-all for Negril – PIOJ

 THE Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) has cautioned that the progressive erosion of the Negril coastline cannot be solved with a single project, even as debate rages over the planned installation of breakwaters to arrest the problem.

 “Because of the extensive work to be done in Negril, no one project can address that,” said Claire Bernard, the PIOJ’s deputy director general.

 The PIOJ is the national implementing entity (NIE) for the ‘Enhancing the Resilience of the Agriculture Sector and Coastal Areas to Protect Livelihoods and Improve Food Security’ programme of which the breakwaters form a part.

 Negril’s internationally renowned coastline has been retreating between one and two metres annually for more than a decade, prompting concern from stakeholders, given the town’s heavy reliance on tourism, which rakes in millions in foreign exchange for Jamaica annually.

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