Peru climate talks

Indi Mclymont Lafayette (right), regional coordinator for Panos Caribbean, in discussion with Clifford Mahlung, coordinator for capacity building with the Alliance of Small Island States, at the Peru climate talks on Wednesday. (Photo: Petre Williams-Raynor)

Panos Caribbean\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru

Panos Caribbean\'s Regional Director shares lens time with Amerindians from Lima,Peru. Panos is one of the civil society organisations attending the United Nations Climate talks in Peru. The talks end on December 12.

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C-CAM hunts cost-benefit analysis on Goat Islands proposal

THE Caribbean Coastal Area Management (C-CAM) Foundation is moving to bring sobriety to the raging debate over the proposed port development at the Goat Islands.

In a release issued earlier today, C-CAM, which does conservation work inside the Portland Bight Protected Area, revealed it is seeking funds to hire an international firm “to do a cost effectiveness comparison” of developing the port at the Goat Islands relative to one other site — “time permitting”.

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