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Voices for Climate Change Education 2019 Campaign


Calendar of Activities
January – September 2019

Event Location Date
rocketblue Project Launch Hotel Four Seasons, Kingston  20 january 2019 

Climate Change Communication Workshops

bulbcloudWorkshop 1: Introduction to Climate Change

Lionel Town/Rocky Point, Clarendon

Rocky Point Community Centre

27 Feb 2019

Workshop 2: Climate Change Messaging

Junction/Ridge Red Bank, St. Elizabeth

Junction Guest House, Junction

14 March 2019

Workshop 3: Creative Expression – Songwriting White River/Ocho Rios, St. Ann

Pineapple Court Hotel, Ocho Rios 29 March 2019

Workshop 4: Creative Expression - Performance

Altamont Court Hotel, Kingston 11 April 2019

Concerts, Short Story Competition & Read Across Jamaica Day

penyellow Short Story Competition  Bustamante High School; Salt Savannah Primary; Watsonton Primary; Red Bank Primary; Exchange All Age School 1 April – 31 May 2019 

concertperfgreenleafSchool Concert 1& Tree Planting

Lionel Town/Rocky Point, Clarendon
Bustamante High School, Lionel Town 17 April 2019
readbookgreenleafRead Across Jamaica & Tree Planting

Watsonton Primary School, Lionel Town &

Salt Savannah Primary, Rocky Settlement
7 May 2019
readbookRead Across Jamaica

Exchange All Age

School, White River
7 May 2019
readbookRead Across Jamaica Red Bank Primary School, Ridge Red Bank 7 May 2019

concertperfgreenleafSchool Concert 3 & Tree Planting

White River, St. Ann
Exchange All Age School, White River 10 May 2019

concertperfgreenleafSchool Concert 2 & Tree Planting

Red Bank, St Elizabeth
Red Bank Primary School 21 May 2019
penyellowShort Story Competition Judging and Awards All Schools June 2019

concertperfCommunity Concert 1

Lionel Town/Rocky Point, Clarendon

Paisley Park, Lionel Town

8 June 2019

World Environment Day (June 5) & Disaster Preparedness Month

concertperfCommunity Concert 2

Ridge Red Bank, St Elizabeth
Ridge Red Bank Community Centre

13 July 2019
5 JULY 2019

concertperfCommunity Concert 3

White River, St. Ann
Reggae Park Content Garden Sports Complex, White River

3 August 2019

2 August 2019

Appearances by Voices for Climate Change Education Ambassadors
blackmikeGlobal Climate Fund (GCF) Caribbean Private Sector Engagement Workshop Rose Hall, Montego Bay, St. James 2 April 2019
blackmikeCaribbean Coastal Area Management (CCAM) Foundation – Green Run Salt River, Clarendon 14 April 2019