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The mission of Panos Caribbean is to promote sustainable development and social justice in the Wider Caribbean region by empowering people, especially the poor and vulnerable, to produce information and share their perspectives on development issues across language and political borders.

Panos Caribbean envisions a Caribbean society in which independent, accurate and timely information is fully utilised as a key resource for development; and where local, marginalised and vulnerable people, groups and communities have access to such information, and the ability and opportunity to express their views, realities and expectations.

Panos works, through communications, to achieve three strategic goals considered essential for the realisation of sustainable development and social justice in the Caribbean Caribbean.

1. Build economic, social, cultural and ecological resilience, defined as the ability to cope with change, at individual, household, community, national and regional levels.

2. Strengthen and secure the rights of individuals and communities, through equitable access to the essential social, cultural, economic and environmental requirements for a decent life.

3. Improve governance and build accountability, through participation in decision-making, evidence-based policy-making, effective implementation and monitoring.