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Jamaica: 8 June Concert & Expo in Lionel Town!

Save the date! Saturday 8 June, Pawsey Park, Lionel Town - Clarendon Expo from 2 to 4PM, Concert 4:30 to 8PM. 

Featuring: Anthony CRUZ - Pam HALL - Deondra RILEY - Nazzle Man - Jamaican Sammy Jr - Chris DeMontague - Rebellion - City Lock - I-Knowledge - Donn Gass - Dappa Slyce - Rohan Shakes - Amechie

Admission is FREE! #Jamaica #WeHaffiChange #CommunityClimateAction

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Education: a Voices for Climate Change Education 2019 PSA

May is child month and Voices for Climate Change Education is seeking to influence children positively to take #CommunityClimateAction. Check out what these teachers at Bustamante High School, Clarendon, Jamaica have to say about climate change education. #WeHaffiChage #ClimateSmartLiving

The National Child Month Committee (NCMC) is calling on citizens to provide a supportive and positive environment for the nation’s children as it prepares to observe Child Month in May under the theme ‘A.F.F.I.R.M Me!’.

Chairman of the NCMC, Dr. Pauline Mullings, explained that A.F.F.I.R.M is an acronym for “Acknowledge me, (Be) Friend Me, Favour Me, Influence me positively, Respect Me, and Motivate Me” and emerged out of calls by children for adults to recognise and validate their worth.

21 May Red Bank Primary School Concert in Pictures

Red Bank Primary School concert on the 21 May 2019.  Photographs: Quwayne Rose

#ReadAcrossJamaicaDay with Voices Ambassadors in 4 schools, in pictures!

"Climate change, we can do something about it, we can do something about it..." Yesterday, Voices for Climate Change Education Ambassador Jerone took the message to Grade 1 students at Exchange All Age School, White River, in song on #ReadAcrossJamaicaDay.

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Climate Change: We Must Change! A Voices for Climate Change Education 2019 PSA

7 May 2019 is Read Across Jamaica, and Voices for Climate Change Education will be present & reading with children about climate change at Red Bank Primary School (Ridge Red Bank), Watsonton Primary School (Lionel Town), Salt Savannah Primary (Rocky Settlement) and Exchange All Age School (White River)!

"Climate Change We Must Change", written by Briana Barnes, Sydia Robinson, Dilip Ragoo, interpreted by Briana & Sydia (Bustamante High School, Lionel Town, Clarendon, Jamaica).

Voices for Climate Change Education 2019 Campaign: Calendar of Activities


Voices for Climate Change Education 2019 Campaign


Calendar of Activities
January – September 2019

Event Location Date
rocketblue Project Launch Hotel Four Seasons, Kingston  20 january 2019 

Climate Change Communication Workshops

bulbcloudWorkshop 1: Introduction to Climate Change

Lionel Town/Rocky Point, Clarendon

Rocky Point Community Centre

27 Feb 2019

Workshop 2: Climate Change Messaging

Junction/Ridge Red Bank, St. Elizabeth

Junction Guest House, Junction

14 March 2019

Workshop 3: Creative Expression – Songwriting White River/Ocho Rios, St. Ann

Pineapple Court Hotel, Ocho Rios 29 March 2019

Workshop 4: Creative Expression - Performance

Altamont Court Hotel, Kingston 11 April 2019

Concerts, Short Story Competition & Read Across Jamaica Day

penyellow Short Story Competition  Bustamante High School; Salt Savannah Primary; Watsonton Primary; Red Bank Primary; Exchange All Age School 1 April – 31 May 2019 

concertperfgreenleafSchool Concert 1& Tree Planting

Lionel Town/Rocky Point, Clarendon
Bustamante High School, Lionel Town 17 April 2019
readbookgreenleafRead Across Jamaica & Tree Planting

Watsonton Primary School, Lionel Town &

Salt Savannah Primary, Rocky Settlement
7 May 2019
readbookRead Across Jamaica

Exchange All Age

School, White River
7 May 2019
readbookRead Across Jamaica Red Bank Primary School, Ridge Red Bank 7 May 2019

concertperfgreenleafSchool Concert 3 & Tree Planting

White River, St. Ann
Exchange All Age School, White River 10 May 2019

concertperfgreenleafSchool Concert 2 & Tree Planting

Red Bank, St Elizabeth
Red Bank Primary School 21 May 2019
penyellowShort Story Competition Judging and Awards All Schools June 2019

concertperfCommunity Concert 1

Lionel Town/Rocky Point, Clarendon

Paisley Park, Lionel Town

8 June 2019

World Environment Day (June 5) & Disaster Preparedness Month

concertperfCommunity Concert 2

Ridge Red Bank, St Elizabeth
Ridge Red Bank Community Centre

13 July 2019
5 JULY 2019

concertperfCommunity Concert 3

White River, St. Ann
Reggae Park Content Garden Sports Complex, White River

3 August 2019

2 August 2019

Appearances by Voices for Climate Change Education Ambassadors
blackmikeGlobal Climate Fund (GCF) Caribbean Private Sector Engagement Workshop Rose Hall, Montego Bay, St. James 2 April 2019
blackmikeCaribbean Coastal Area Management (CCAM) Foundation – Green Run Salt River, Clarendon 14 April 2019



Voices for Climate Change Education 2019 Campaign Launched, Trailer Released


KINGSTON, JAMAICAPanos Caribbean, through its internationally recognized Voices for Climate Change Education initiative, has launched an eight-month climate change community awareness campaign focusing on four communities across Jamaica: Rocky Point and Lionel Town in Clarendon, Ridge Red Bank in St Elizabeth and White River in St Ann.

Over the next few months, Panos will work with each community to support and highlight local efforts to promote climate smart practices by mobilizing local and national artistic talent to do outreach activities to raise awareness of the issues. Artists from the communities will join national singers and performers in a multi-part workshop designed to help them understand climate change and craft effective climate change messages. The workshops will take the artists to each of the participating communities so they can see first-hand the climate change impacts that are being confronted and how the communities are responding. The artists will then perform in six school and community concerts that will take place between April and August 2019.

Campaign activities will also encourage school students to use their creativity to craft climate change adaptation messages. Students in the four communities will be challenged to produce 60-second video messages with prizes given for the best productions. The campaign includes a short story competition for students and a reading initiative that will introduce young readers to literature on climate change while encouraging them to read.

The Voices for Climate Change Education 2019 campaign is being implemented as part of the Planning Institute of Jamaica’s (PIOJ’s) Improving Climate Data and Information Management Project (ICDIMP) under Jamaica’s Special Programme for Climate Resilience (SPCR).

Click here for the project flyer.