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Voices for Climate Change Education 13 Years Later: Past, Present & Future

5 June 2022 - 13 years ago (2009), the Voices for Climate Change Education project produced Jamaica's most memorable and popular Climate Action song - 'Global Warning', with artistes communicating the urgency to local and international audiences. UNDP provided financial support for the song and music video production as well as training for artistes. This World Environment Day2022, Grub Cooper, the song's producer, and a new generation of artistes walk down memory lane, and discuss how they can amplify their activism to meet the challenges of today's climate emergency.

Original 'Global Warning' (2009) Video:

Jamaica: 8 June Concert & Expo in Lionel Town!

Save the date! Saturday 8 June, Pawsey Park, Lionel Town - Clarendon Expo from 2 to 4PM, Concert 4:30 to 8PM. 

Featuring: Anthony CRUZ - Pam HALL - Deondra RILEY - Nazzle Man - Jamaican Sammy Jr - Chris DeMontague - Rebellion - City Lock - I-Knowledge - Donn Gass - Dappa Slyce - Rohan Shakes - Amechie

Admission is FREE! #Jamaica #WeHaffiChange #CommunityClimateAction

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